Welcome to MAM's Job Finding Network!  We're glad you found us.

The Job Finding Network (or, JFN for short) is the new online extension of MAM's Employment Services programs.  Here you will find a number of handy tools that will help you to progress in your path towards a new job, a better job, or even a first job.

When you come to MAM's Employment Services programs, you will hear that we will not find you a job.  It would be self-serving for us to take the credit for our clients' achievements, or worse, take the initiative away from where it belongs:  with YOU.

Think of us like a friendly fishing store at the edge of a beautiful lake.  We can teach you how to cast a line, set the hook and reel in your fish.  We can get you fishing equipment and the bait you'll need.  We can even show you a map of the lake and tell you where we hear the fish are biting.

But only YOU can put your line in the water and catch the fish.


No, we will not find you a job.  But we will teach you the skills necessary to compete in this challenging job market.  And then cheer you on while you get out there and compete.

MAM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and our services are offered to clients FREE OF CHARGE.

So, what do you want to do next?


We want to meet you, and we hope you will come see us.

Yolanda, Daniel and Bob