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24 networking tips that actually work

The idea of networking makes many people uncomfortable … or confused. When most people think about networking it seems insincere at best — and selfish at worst. Don’t worry, there are ways to self–promote without being selfish or insincere. So, in the spirit of helping everyone become a better networker, here are 24 networking tips, which actually work.

The New Rules of Networking

For Laura Levitan, networking is a passion. “While other people have their charities, churches and synagogues, this is my way of giving back, my little gift to humanity,” she says. While Levitan is a power unto herself, there are some things we mere mortal networkers and personal branders can learn from her.

Networking for Shy People

Here’s the paradox: networking is by far the best way to learn about other companies and new job opportunities, but few job seekers want to do it. Here are some tips for getting over your fears.

Focus on Follow-Up After Networking Events

Networking is how you will generate leads, contacts and ideas for your job search. But those leads, contacts and ideas have a short half-life. Failure to follow up on a timely basis can result in a lot of good work being wasted. Make sure you build into your schedule adequate time to do the follow-up work that can convert opportunities into job offers.