Resume Writing

This workshop will help you to write a resume that differentiates you from the other 400 competing resumes in the stack. 

You'll learn that you are writing for two audiences:  the optical scanner that is the first to "read" your resume, and then the HR assistant whose job it is to skim 50 resumes in the next 30 minutes to come up with the top 10 candidates.

You'll learn that it's critical that you use strongly evocative language to differentiate yourself, rather than using trite and overused "resume words" ... like "hard-working" or "team player".

We will talk about these and other questions in this foundational discussion of how to get noticed in an online job application world.  Come ready to participate, laugh and have a good time.

Please RSVP using the "registration" button on this page, or let Elizabeth Salathe know you are planning to attend.  It's free, thanks to the partnership between Belhaven University and Memorial Assistance Ministries.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Location: Belhaven University, Houston Campus
15115 Park Row, #175
Houston , Texas 77084

Date: June 27, 2012, 7 p.m. - June 27, 2012, 9 p.m.