Excel Level One

Class A objectives: - most commonly used items on the File & Home tab, basic formulas

  1. Open Excel & show which features are similar to MS Word
  2. Quick Access Toolbar – in Class B learn how to add frequently used features to this toolbar.

a)      Open

b)      Undo


  1. Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close application
  2. Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close workbook
  3. Hide, Show Ribbon
  4. Help (?) – search
  5. Open workbook with Class A example data

a)      Multiple sheets in one workbook

  1. File Tab

i)        Save versus Save As

ii)      Save File As – save to _____________ location with student’s name

iii)    Save file several times for practice

iv)    Rename file

b)      Save frequently, in case electricity is interrupted

c)      Close & Open file several times

d)      Close & Open application several times

e)      Print > Print preview, click Home tab to get out of Print Preview

i)        Repeat several times File Tab, Print, Print Preview, Home Tab

  1. Scrollbar (vertical and horizontal)

10.  Change column width & row height

a)      Undo

11.  Columns (A, B, C); Rows (1, 2, 3), Cell references (A1, B2, C3)

a)      Click – select single cell

b)      Double-click – select a single word within a cell

c)      Click & drag – select multiple cells

d)      Click & Shift key (select group of cells next to each other)

e)      Click & CTRL key (select cells not touching each other)

f)       Click box in top left to ‘select all’ (select entire worksheet)

12.  Home Tab

a)      Cut, Copy, Paste

b)      Formatting:

i)        Font Style & Size (increase/decrease)

ii)      Bold, Italic, Underscore

iii)    Borders on cells

iv)    Highlight text (yellow, etc.)

v)      Font color

vi)    Format Painter

vii)  Practice formatting for 1-2 minutes

c)      Alignment Tab - formatting

i)        Wrap text

ii)      Merge & Center

iii)    Compare Underscore & Bottom Border on cells

iv)    Left, Center & Right justify data in cells

v)      Practice for 1 minute

d)      Number formatting

i)        $, “,”, change number of decimal places

ii)      Number examples on Cut, Copy Past worksheet

e)      Click & drag to COPY numbers and text

i)        Mouse pointer placed at-bottom right of cell – looks like a black cross

ii)      Text examples on Alignment worksheet

iii)    Number examples on Cut, Copy Past worksheet

(1)   Watch cell references (A1, B1, etc.) change when copy formulas

iv)    Practice for 1 minute

f)       Click & drag to MOVE cells

i)        Mouse pointer on border of cell – looks like a 4-sided arrow

ii)      Do cell references change when MOVE cells?

13.  If have extra time at end of class

a)      Renaming worksheet tabs

b)      Name a single cell, a column, a row or a group/block of cells

c)      Dates – various formats

d)      Double click on cell with formula

e)      Click & drag over a group of cells to see the ‘count’ or ‘sum’ on the status bar at bottom

Location: Memorial Assistance Ministries
1625 Blalock Road
Houston , Texas 77080

Date: Nov. 3, 2012, 9 a.m. - Nov. 3, 2012, 11:30 a.m.