ECP Workshop #3 -- Resume Writing

The third session of the Employment Certification Program focuses on these topics in resume writing

  • The resume sifting process
    • step 1:  the optical scanner (use of keywords)
    • step 2:  the first sort (the executive summary)
    • step 3:  narrowing it down (the body of the resume)
    • step 4:  picking the winners (wordsmithing)
  • The cover letter


We will assemble at 4pm (sharp).  Here is the agenda:

  • 4:00pm       How the process works   
  • 4:15pm       Finding the keywords           
  • 4:30pm       The Executive Summary
  • 5:00pm       The Hybrid Resume
  • 5:30pm       Word Choices  
  • 5:45pm       Mentoring Program         
  • 6:00pm       Q&A, Homework              Bob King


You must be a registered MAM Employment Services client to attend.  While any registered MAM Employment Services client may attend, only pre-qualified clients may use it as credit towards MAM's Employment Certification Program.

If you are interested in attending this or any of the ECP workshop series, please RSVP here and contact Bob King or Yolanda Bing.

Location: Memorial Assistance Ministries
1625 Blalock Road
Houston , Texas 77080

Date: Nov. 19, 2013, 4 p.m. - Nov. 19, 2013, 6 p.m.