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    Bertha Alyce School - Houston, TX
    Full Time

    Job Summary

    The Teacher is responsible for the care and education of a group of children as part of a teaching team and functions as a team leader or co-leader.  The teacher plans and implements the curriculum and, with active participation of other members of the teaching team, works with parents and assesses the needs of individual children.


    To establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment

    1. Designs appropriate room arrangement to support the goals of the classroom.
    2. Promotes healthy eating practices.
    3. Maintains a safe environment.
    4. Posts necessary information to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.
    5. Maintains an orderly learning environment.

    To advance physical and intellectual competence

    1. Provides a balance between child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities.
    2. Provides balance between quiet and active learning activities.
    3. Uses equipment and materials for indoor and outdoor play that promote children’s physical development.
    4. Provides an integrated curriculum that meets the needs of individual children.
    5. Plans and implements experiences that promote

    To support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance

    1. Plans and implements hands-on activities that develop positive self-esteem.
    2. Plans and implements hands-on activities that develop social skills
    3. Plans and implements culturally diverse experiences.
    4. Uses and promotes positive guidance techniques.
    5. Provides a wide variety of creative and expressive activities
    6. Establishes routines with smooth transition periods.
    7. Communicates with children on their developmental level.

    To establish positive and productive relationships with families

    1. Relates assessment information to parents and offers support for dealing with children at different developmental stages.
    2. Promotes communication with parents through weekly progress notes, a monthly newsletter, and semi-annual parent conferences.
    3. Provides a variety of ways that families can participate in the program.

    To ensure a well-run, purposeful program responsive to participant needs

    1. Assesses program supplies and materials needed prior to implementing activities.
    2. Coordinates and helps supervise aides, assistants, and volunteers working in the classroom.
    3. Maintains written plans on a weekly basis.
    4. Assesses children’s needs and developmental progress on an ongoing basis.

    To maintain a commitment to professionalism

    1. Promotes the center’s philosophy and educational objectives.
    2. Supports the center’s code of ethics.
    3. Engages in ongoing staff development to improve personal and professional skills.
    4. Supports the professional growth and development of colleagues by sharing materials and information and providing helpful feedback and encouragement.
    5. Attends staff meetings, workshops, and in-service training provided by the center.
  • Starts On: April 17, 2018, 11:28 a.m.