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    This position is responsible for setting up and operating equipment that mixes or blends ingredients used in the manufacturing of food products while maintaining a safe work environment and adhering to Tyson policies and procedures.


    Perform daily forklift inspection and submit all required documentation to supervisor if needed. Retrieve spices from the warehouse by forklift. Maintain spices on a FIFO basis. Gather all paperwork for the day s production schedule. Must be able to determine weights and percentages for batch sizes. Determine ingredients required for production. Peel outer layer of ingredient bags before use. Maintain proper identification on all ingredients. Weigh out ingredients into trolleys or vats and transfer to pickle tanks or curing line. Record and scan ingredients to HU or process order. Coordinate with the supervisor and operator, dump appropriate ingredients into hopper. Maintain a clean and safe work environment. Be able to help set-up and teardown equipment. Report any issues related to maintenance or quality of the product to supervisor.



    Plant View, SAP experience is preferred. Ability to operate equipment using a touch screen. Scanning experience with hand held scanner is preferred. Must be forklift certified or one to two years prior forklift operating experience Must have at least 12 months continuous work history with the same employer in the last 18 months. Recent graduates or students currently in school within the last 6 months must add this information under the education notes section. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate percentages. Recruiting areas-Harris County
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  • Starts On: Jan. 26, 2017, 9:14 a.m.