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  • Description:
    Job Title: Plumber I
    Reports To: Supervisor to whom he is assigned and the Maintenance Manager
    Classification: Auxiliary (Skilled Labor)
    Category: 7 (Auxiliary)
    Wage/Hour Status: Non-exempt
    Days: 250
    Salary: See Compensation Plan - Auxiliary Support Staff
    Contract: None
    Date Revised: 03/23/2016
    Primary Purpose: Responsible for maintaining the plumbing and related equipment in a healthy and safe condition at all Spring Branch Independent School District Facilities.
    Qualifications/Skills: Education/Certification:
    • Valid current Class "C" Texas driver’s license.
    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    • Ability to communicate effectively.
    • Proficient in the use of specialized test and process equipment.
    • Minimum two (2) years experience required.
    Major Duties and
    Maintenance and Repair:
    • Maintain, repair and assist in the installation of potable and non-potable water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, flush devices and related equipment.
    • Perform preventive maintenance.


    • Complete daily man-hour logs and other required documentation.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    Equipment Used: Calculator , fax machine, ovens, dishwasher, ladder, small hand tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, sockets, pliers, crimpers, wire cutters, etc.), hand saws, power tools (saw, drill, sander, etc.), drills, grinder, welding torch, lift equipment, light van, seat belts, safety equipment (flares, reflective signs), fire extinguisher, radio communication equipment and cellular phone.
    Working Conditions: Mental Demands:
    • Maintain emotional control under stress.
    • Work with frequent interruptions.
    Physical Demands:
    • Heavy lifting and carrying on a daily basis (45 pounds and over).
    • Standing, walking, climbing (stairs, ladder, scaffold, or ramps), balancing, stooping, kneeling, crawling, pulling, pushing, reaching, hearing, speaking clearly and driving truck or van.
    Environmental Factors:
    • Exposure to temperature extremes (hot or cold), humidity extremes, noise and vibration.
    • Exposure to biological hazards (communicable diseases, bacteria, insects, mold, fungi, etc.).
    • Exposure to chemical hazards (fumes, vapors, gases, dust, smoke, etc.).
    • Exposure to electrical hazards. Work outside. Prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Work with hands in water. Work around moving objects or vehicles.
    • Work around machinery with moving parts.
    • Work on slippery and uneven surfaces.
    • Work alone. Work prolonged or irregular hours.
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    Spring Branch Independent School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer in compliance with Title IX and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status or disability.

    The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required. By applying for this position, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the job description listed above.

  • Starts On: Dec. 28, 2016, 10:26 a.m.