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    Job Summary:
    This position is responsible for serving meals to patrons according to established rules of etiquette, working in formal setting 

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    • CREATES WOW by: anticipating needs and wants, being prepared, being continuously enthusiastic, executing flawlessly and doing it now
    • Presents menu to diner, suggests dinner courses, appropriate wines, and answers questions regarding food preparation 
    • Writes order on check or memorizes it
    • Relays order to kitchen and serves courses from kitchen and service bars
    • Serves patrons from chafing dish at table
    • Observes diners to respond to any additional requests and to determine when meal has been completed
    • Totals bill and accepts payment 
    • Cleans and stocks silverware, set ups and glasses for next shift
    • Prepares back stations and leaves them ready for next shift
    • Prepares menus and reservations as well as anticipates guests/members’ arrivals (pre-shift)
    • Re-stocks supplies
    • May be designated Waiter/Waitress or Banquet when serving at banquets
    • Replenishes food and equipment at steam tables and buffet areas to facilitate service to patrons 
    • Carries food, dishes, trays, and silverware from kitchen and supply departments to serving counters 
    • Garnishes foods and positions them on table to ensure their visibility to patrons and convenience in serving 
    • Keeps assigned area and equipment free of spilled foods
    • Prepares sales summary report
    • Makes sure all tickets are signed

    • High school or equivalent
    • Customer service attitude
    • Must be able to communicate with members
    • Ability to multi task
    • Ability to work outside

    • Minimum 1 year of experience as a server
    • Current handling food certification
    • Minimum of 2 years in hospitality or customer service position

    Essential Physical Requirements:
    • Ability to Lift/Carry 20 lbs or less frequently; 34-66% of the time
    • Ability to Push/Pull 100 lbs or less frequently; 34-66% of the time
    • Ability to reach above shoulder, reach outward, handling, fingering, stand, walk, talk, hear, taste, smell, work at or above shoulder frequently; 34-66% of the time
    • Ability to bend occasionally; 1-33% of the time
    • Ability to work inside and outside 50%/50%
    • Noise level is: Low to mid

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  • Starts On: Feb. 28, 2018, 4:26 p.m.