THRIVE-Dream-Big-Path-to-Financial-Stability.JPGSo you just accepted a new job.  Great!  Congratulations!

Sure, it's a relief to have re-established some income, but to create family self-sufficiency it takes more than just a paycheck.  It takes knowledge of how to manage the funds that are coming into the household so that you can build a stable future regardless of what road bumps might be up ahead.

MAM's Employment Services Program is affiliated with a group of 18 agencies in Houston who have the common objective of helping your family regain financial stability.

Where can a referral to a THRIVE partner agency be of help?

  1. Free tax preparation services
  2. Matched savings programs
  3. Subsidized loan programs
  4. Free checking accounts
  5. Financial coaching and counseling
  6. Access to higher education alternatives


If you are interested in learning more, simply ask Yolanda Bing or Bob King at MAM for details on how a THRIVE referral can help you access more services.  Or, you call 2-1-1, the Texas United Way Helpline, and ask for a THRIVE specialist.  Once you give them your name and some identifying information, they will know that you are a THRIVE client, because you are a MAM client.

Here's a flyer that can provide you with more information.  Hope it's helpful.  Any questions, just raise your hand and ask.