MAM's Employment Services programs are volunteer-driven.  Staff provide coordination and oversight, but it's the volunteers who provide our clients with the knowledge, guidance and understanding to persevere through a difficult job search environment.

Volunteering in MAM's Employment Services programs is an uplifting experience because you'll be working directly with clients, often in a one-on-one coaching role.  You'll KNOW that you are making a difference in somebody's life.  You'll know their names, and you'll see the gratitude on their faces.

Here are the general descriptions of our different volunteer jobs:

Volunteer Job Coaches work 1/2 day shifts on a routine weekly basis (although we are also willing to consider those who will work in an "on call" capacity).  They take appointments with job search clients and provide them with one-on-one coaching on various topics relating to the hard skills of finding a job and the soft skills of keeping a job.  To be a Volunteer Job Coach, you need to have significant experience in management (including hiring staff) and/or in human resource management or recruiting.

Computer Literacy Volunteers work 1/2 day shifts on a routine weekly basis.  They work in the computer lab with clients who have, for whatever reason, limited exposure to the computer, and help them to set up email accounts, learn to find information using google searches, find jobs using job banks and other job search tools, create a resume using Microsoft Word, and submit online applications.  To be a Computer Literacy Volunteer, you need to be well-versed in the use of a personal computer for these applications and able to teach others what you know.

Employment Certification Program Instructors lead a workshop once per month on a topic from our Employment Certification Program.  The topics are: 1) personal responsibility, 2) knowing yourself, 3) resume writing, 4) job search strategies, 5) interviewing skills, and 6) soft skills (working with others, conflict resolution, professionalism).  Our ECP Instructors must be able to teach a 2 hour class without a break, including both lecture and leading a discussion on related topics.  To be an ECP Instructor, you should have significant experience in management (including hiring staff) and/or in human resource management or recruiting, plus be confident in your presentation skills.  Lecturing/teaching/training experience of some sort is very important.

Website Contributors keep this site up-to-date and filled with content that is useful to our clients.  This is a volunteer role that can easily be fulfilled from the comfort of your home.  Whether it is re-posting jobs that would be of interest to our job-seekers, keeping the many links on the site updated, bringing to our attention Job Fairs and other Hiring Events, uploading advice articles or local employment news items, or increasing the reach of this site through Search Engine Optimization strategies, we can use your help.  If you have ever been a contributor or a webmaster of a website, you can help us.

Networking Mentors are asked to attend our monthly graduation / networking events to meet our clients and engage with them as they begin their networking efforts.  The dates and times of those events can be found on the Events Calendar on this website, at http://mamjobsnetwork.org/events/month/.  While we do not actively match clients to mentors, we are hopeful that such relationships form from introductions made at our networking events.  The commitment to be a mentor is approximately 2 hours per month plus whatever follow up is required from your conversations with clients.  To be a Mentor, you need to be accomplished in your line of work (and it can be most anything because our clients are very wide ranging) and willing to help a client that you have met, whether it be by helping them to overcome an obstacle or by making an introduction to a friend or associate.

Administrative Volunteers help us to keep track of our successes by inputting client data into our database.  The commitment required to be an Administrative Volunteer is 1/2 day once per week.  Experience with data input is important.


If you are interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities in MAM's Employment Services programs, please contact MAM's Volunteer Recruiter at [email protected]  or by calling 713-574-7540.