It's not too late to plan your career search for the new year.  In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, here are a few thoughts.  Perhaps by picking one (or more) that you are comfortable with, you just may keep that resolution past February.  Enjoy.




Working with Recruiters

  • I promise not to apply for positions I am definitely not qualified for.
  • I will work on building relationships with my recruiter by helping him/her as much as they help me.



  • I will meet (on the phone or in person) three new people a week who can help me with my job search.
  • I will learn to leverage Social Media as a vehicle for communicating about myself, and not just as a distraction for hours chatting with new friends.
  • I will not assume a person cannot help me find a job.  They may know a great contact I need to meet.
  • I will set up informal discussions with decision-makers/hiring managers even if they are not hiring right now.  They may be hiring soon.


Resume and Interview

  • I will consider that my resume may not be as good as it could be and seek advice.
  • I will acknowledge that I may not be an interviewing pro. Especially if I’ve interviewed a lot and have not landed a job.  I will seek professional advice.



  • I will consider my job search to be a full time job and will dedicate the appropriate amount of time for it. And prioritize it ahead of TV and computer games.
  • I will build a plan for my job hunt by outlining resources to research and key people to contact.  I will create a schedule, too.  Milestones and goals are important.
  • When I get discouraged, I will share my concerns with a few trusted friends who can offer good advice (instead of giving up hope).


Quality of Life

  • If unemployed, I will volunteer.  I will make good use of my time by meeting new people and creating substance for a discussion on “what I’ve been up to recently.”  I will make a difference when many can use my assistance.
  • Read.  Learn. Teach.  I will educate myself or others on a subject-matter than is pertinent to my profession.
  • I will consider exercise to be a good stress-reliever and pick a program I will enjoy (not necessarily bring the fastest results).



  • I will think about what I liked and disliked in previous jobs and develop the ultimate job description. I will use this to give my search focus and meaning.
  • I will consider new industries and career paths, but I will research the likelihood of being able to make that switch easily.