The ability to use computers was once demanded only of data processing specialists and hi-tech nerds.  Now it's pretty much a required skill for virtually everyone.  Even for jobs that do not require computer skills, the process to apply often requires basic computer literacy.


MAM offers a four-part computer literacy curriculum:

  1. Basic Computer Operations
  2. Using the Internet
  3. Email
  4. Online Job Search and Application


For those with little or no computer familiarity, we start with Basic Computer Operations.  Step one is turning it on -- which buttons do I push?

We offer both group lessons (Wednesdays and Fridays, 4pm to 6pm) and one-on-one assistance from patient and understanding staff and volunteers. 

Want more?  We have tutorials that can improve your keyboarding speed and teach you the basics of Microsoft products like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

There is never a charge for MAM's Computer Literacy programs.

Interested?  The first step is to register as a MAM Employment Services client.  We have orientations at 10am Monday through Friday.


PS   Here's our "checklist" of computer literacy milestones.  How far along this list are you?