Hardwood floors add a beautiful, elegant, natural element to any home.  In addition, they add value to your home and are popular in the resale home market.  Advances in technology have led to our hardwood floors looking better, lasting longer, and easier to care for than ever.

Hardwood floors trap fewer allergens including dust, pollen and dust mites than alternative flooring types.  it is recommended by the American Lung Association to improve air quality.

To keep them in good shape and looking new, normal care such as sweeping with a soft broom or vacuuming is generally all that is required.  To maintain its luster, use the manufacturer's recommended cleaner with a dry mop and a terry cloth cover.

I have 11 years serving the Houston area with beautiful hardwood floors.  Do you want to replace that dirty old carpet, or just make your old hardwood floors look new?  It will add value to your home!

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