July 18, 2012

Memorial Assistance Ministries
1625 Blalock Road
Houston, Texas 77080

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The vast majority of those contacted said “yes” to Wednesday July 18th for a training session involving our Employment Certification instructors AND our Volunteer Job Coaches.  I’m terribly sorry if this date didn’t work for you, but it was the CLEAR least-worst choice.

I will provide the grub.  Please RSVP using the register feature here so I know how much food to bring.

Here’s the agenda:

TIME                TOPIC                                                  DISCUSSION LEADER

6:30pm            Welcome and Thanks                            Martha Macris, MAM Exec Dir

6:45pm            The “Self Directed” ECP Program           Yolanda Bing, Empl Svcs Mgr

7:00pm            Session #1:  Personal Responsibility     Bob King, Dir Empl Svcs

7:15pm            Session #2:  Knowing Yourself              Julie Hudson, Volunteer

7:30pm            Session #3:  Resume Writing                John McAloon, Volunteer

7:45pm           Session #4:  Job Search Strategies       Bill Mathias, Volunteer

8:00pm            Session #5:  Interviewing                     Britt Cotter, Volunteer

8:15pm            Session #6:  Soft Skills                          Elizabeth O’Neal, Volunteer

8:30pm            Wrap Up / Q&A                                      Bob King

What’s going on here is that we are simultaneously doing two things:  #1 we are revising our curriculum, and #2 we are rolling it out for the VJC’s to teach during Office Hours.

Curriculum-wise, we will be adding emphasis to the Personal Responsibility section and separating that from the Knowing Yourself workshop, and adding emphasis to the Job Search Strategies section and separating it from the Resume Writing workshop.  In all we will go from four 2-1/2 hour workshops to six 2 hour workshops.  The series will be offered once per month and will now be spaced over a three week period rather than a two week period.

Volunteer Job Coaches will need to learn this material, because they will be responsible for delivering it in one-on-one sessions during their appointed Office Hours. 

Clients will be free to move back and forth between the ECP workshops and the one-on-one training.  We think this will keep more clients in the program on track to graduate, and also will expose more clients to ECP curriculum (even if they don’t graduate).  It’s a win/win, but it only works if we execute it correctly.

Each of the discussion leaders will be responsible for a 15 minute session, boiling down your material to the essential points that we want all Volunteer Job Coaches to be able to convey.  I will visit with each of you so we are all on the same page before July 18th.

Additionally, each attendee will receive his/her own binder with new and revised curriculum.

Thanks for your support of the program.  We think this will make it better and more fully utilized going forward.


p.s. to Britt …. It is my suggestion that we not invite Mentors to this, but I could be persuaded otherwise if you feel strongly. 


Bob King

Date and Time

Wed, July 18, 2012

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Memorial Assistance Ministries

1625 Blalock Road
Houston, Texas 77080

Platt Davis Community Room, tentatively ...

Event has ended


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Memorial Assistance Ministries

1625 Blalock Road
Houston, Texas 77080