Client-Progress-Tracker.JPGMAM's Employment Services program has added a new scheduling option to its Employment Certification Program.

Now, instead of being required to attend afternoon sessions that are offered only once or twice per month, clients can elect to take their workshops in the form of one-on-one job coaching sessions (or a combination of group workshops at scheduled times and one-on-one job coaching sessions as scheduled with staff or volunteers), at dates and times mutually convenient to the client and the instructor.

"The scheduled classes will still be the core of our Employment Certification Program," said Bob King, Director of Employment Services at MAM.  "We think the outstanding faculty we have assembled and the small discussion group approach to learning are the ideal situation.  However, we have to be aware of the needs of our clients, and their difficult schedules often mean they can't make the afternoon classes.  This added flexibility should get more clients involved in the program, and we hope more certificate graduates in the long run."

The other consequence is that scheduled ECP workshops will now be open to a broader group of MAM clients, who can register through the events calendar of the website.

Clients are cautioned that the requirements to achieve the Employment Certification HAVE NOT CHANGED.  Clients still must, in order to graduate, meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be registered MAM Employment Service clients, which means they have already been pre-screened for legal work status, ability to understand and speak adquate English, and absence of any violent felony convictions in their background.
  2. They must have graduated from high school or received a GED.
  3. They must have no disqualifying felony or misdemeanor convictions in the past five years.
  4. They must have adequate basic computer skills (ability to create and edit a resume in MS Word, and to attach and send it using email).
  5. They must be willing to take (and pass) a drug screening test.
  6. They must complete all units of study in the ECP program (either in ECP workshops or in one-on-one job coaching sessions).
  7. They must complete all homework associated with all the units of study.
  8. They must sit for the WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate examination (they are not required to pass it, only to take it).

Clients in the Self Directed ECP program will keep track of their progress through a scorecard as shown above.  Staff and volunteers will attest that clients have attended workshops or job coaching sessions and have completed their homework assignments.  Once the scorecard is completed, the client is eligible to graduate from MAM's ECP program at a scheduled Graduation / Networking Event.

"We know this will create some confusion at first, but we think the greater goal is to get more training in the hands of more clients, and this structure helps us accomplish that," said Yolanda Bing, Employment Services Manager.  "Clients seem excited that we are offering more flexibility."

Clients with questions are encouraged to ask Yolanda or Bob.