Cycle2Success Helps Another Client Conduct Her Job Search


The lady with the smile is April Andersen.  She’s a temporarily out-of-work dental assistant who lives near Memorial City.  Her job search is complicated by the fact that she does not own a car and therefore cannot get to a lot of job interviews on a timely basis.  She uses METRO, but many of the opportunities she’s unearthed are not practical to get to and from.

That’s where Cycle2Success comes in.  MAM’s partnership with Chain Reaction Ministries and Houston Cycling Centres allows MAM’s Employment Services program to provide refurbished bicycles to adults who need them for economic reasons.

“Before today I had been walking long distances to interviews, or taking the bus when the distances were unwalkable,” said April.  “Because of Cycle2Success, today I was able to ride my new bike to an interview on Fountainview that I would never have otherwise been able to get to. Hopefully this will be the interview that will change my luck and get me back in a position to provide for my family.  I am so grateful to everyone in this program.”

Clients with transportation issues should contact Yolanda Bing, Manager of Employment Services, to learn about the program requirements.  Yolanda can be reached at 713-574-7545 or [email protected].

If you are interested in donating an adult bicycle to Cycle2Success, you can take it to any of three Houston Cycling Centre locations:  Southwest Cyclery (Braeswood near Fondren), Spring Valley Cyclery (Gaylord @ Echo Lane), or Northwest Cyclery (290 near Jones Road).  Tell them your donation is for Cycle2Success and they will take it from there.  Your in-kind donation is tax-deductible based on your assessment of its value prior to refurbishment.