MAM Launches Basic Computer Classes

MAM's Employment Services program is now offering a series of four Basic Computer Literacy classes, to be taught on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 4pm in the Employment Services computer lab, 1625 Blalock Road, in Spring Branch.


Directed by Daniel Leal, MAM's Computer Literacy Associate, the Friday class will always be An Introduction to the Computer, aimed at first-time users.  The class has a limit of five clients, and will be team taught with a computer literacy volunteer.

Wednesday afternoons will be dedicated to a rolling menu of three other classes:  Introduction to E-Mail, Introduction to the Internet, and Introduction to Online Job Search.

Additionally, clients can get one-on-one training from Mr. Leal and from the Computer Literacy Volunteers who staff the computer lab every day.

There is never a charge for any of MAM's computer training.

"We are delighted to offer this expansion of our services," said Yolanda Bing, Associate Director of Employment Services.  "To find work in today's economy, basic computer literacy is essential.  Many clients who previously were afraid to touch a computer are learning that it is not so frightening thanks to our highly personal and patient approach to teaching."

Interested clients should sign up early for the training, as each is limited to five students.  Only registered Employment Service clients can sign up for the classes.  If you are not registered but have an interest, you must attend an Employment Services Orientation.  These orientations are held every weekday morning at 10:30am, plus Monday through Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm.