CHICAGO, IL -- It's in every job seeker's best interest to develop a strong rapport with the person doing the hiring. When you make yourself memorable you can leave the interview oozing with confidence. In order to leave a lasting impression, follow one simple rule -- expect to be forgotten. By expecting to be forgotten, you can differentiate yourself by taking advantage of the following five ways to be memorable:

1. Absorb your surroundings: Greet the receptionist, hold the door if applicable, and smile! There's strength in numbers. The more people you impress, the more chances you have in being brought up in later conversation.

2. Share your unique experiences: Take your interviewer on a short journey through your previous job responsibility and share what worked for you and what you learned.

3. Make your final words count: As you go to shake the interviewer's hand, express your appreciation for their time and your excitement for the job opportunity.

4. Have a solid Web presence: Having a professional presence online will keep you within arm's reach of your recruiter. Whether it's a LinkedIn profile, personal website, blog, or ePortfolio, be sure your work is up-to-date and it shows off your achievements and skills.

5. Follow-up thoughtfully: In addition to following-up and thanking your interviewer, include specific conversation pieces or triggers in your note. It's your job to help the recruiter remember you in a clever way.